Feedback Received

undefinedARK carries out regular surveys amongst our service users, tenants and stakeholders (such as family members) and we consistently receive excellent feedback.

The Survey Report 2016 (PDF, 1.2MB, opens in new window) is a summary of the feedback received through ARK annual questionnaire.

This is sent out to people who receive support, their families and professionals to ask them what they think about ARK’s services.

Here are some of the positive results for 2016:

  • 96% feel they are supported to do the things they want to do in their life.
  • 95% feel safe in their community and neighborhood.
  • 92% are happy with they support staff.

Here's some of the specific feedback we received in the Survey Report 2016:

From people who get support:

"My staff are easy to get on with. Offer me help when I need it. My staff are friendly."

"I have been referred to a dietician as I have diabetes. Dietician is really happy with my weight loss and my new exercises plan: I walk 30 minutes daily and go swimming once or twice a week."

"I have a calendar in my room I decide every day with staff what I am going to do that day."

From family members:

"Any problem is dealt with quickly and professionaly. Very impressed with ARK."

"The support staff are lovely and well trained in autism. Always approachable."

From professionals:

"ARK provides a person centred service and respect the individual's choices, preferences and human rights."

"The national newsletters have been very informative and regular client meetings have also being very helpful."


What people have said about ARK in previous years:

“ARK provides a great service, always reliable. Everything is always done properly. The support staff are excellent. They look after me really well and they genuinely care about me.
Social work make the final decision about the care plan but the ARK staff are good at putting forward suggestions regarding extra duties and time required to carry these out. They always speak up for me.”
Ann Turner – service user Peebles
“ARK has trained its employees to a high standard to deal with my clients' conditions. Excellent care planning. I value the level of communication that takes place between ARK and the CMHT for my clients benefit.”
Fiona Dyson, Community Nurse


“The team leaders always listen to the supported person and alerts me to any concerns. They know the supported person well and work hard to provide choices and opportunities both at home and in the community”.
Sandra Ramsay – social worker
“I am happy the way things are at the moment, I am in contact with ARK on a regular basis and if there are any problems, they are brought up, spoken about, and a solution found.”
Mike Doyle – family member


“Catherine is a different person since she has had the care and personal attention at the care home. Great amount of freedom of movement around the home and garden. Catherine has never been so happy.”
F J. F. Gray – family member


You can read more feedback in our 2016-2017 Housing Report (PDF) and 2013 Annual Review (PDF).

If you would like to add your own feedback please contact us.