Feedback Received


Every year we ask the people we support, their family members, and other professionals to complete our Annul Survey to find out if they are satisfied with the care and support service they, or the person they know, are receiving.

We carried out our latest survey at the end of 2020. We processed all the responses and we shared the feedback with our local teams so they know what’s working well, and where they need to put things right.

Here are some the results of our latest survey:

  • 96% of supported people agreed that they get good care and support that is right for them
  • 94% of family members agreed that they trust the people who support and care for the person they know
  • 96% of professionals agreed that the person they know is involved in their care and support or if the person can't make certain decisions themselves, they agree the right people are involved on their behalf.


We are grateful to the people who took time to send us their thought and suggestions.


Here are some quotes from people we support:

‘I am happy. Staff are very helpful. Staff are very good. Every goal I set Ark helps me achieve this’.
‘I'm very happy with all the work the Ark staff do for me. I never had it so good. I'm clean, my bills are paid. I get help to keep my house clean and tidy.’

From family members:

‘The staff do an exceptional job and in the Covid-19 crisis they have went above and beyond to keep all residents safe, happy and secure. The staff know my brother really well and adapt really well when his needs change and requires more support. They involve him and myself, our input is always appreciated’
‘The supported individual is very happy with her carers and gets lots of support. The carers have been marvellous during lockdown. I don't think they could do any more for her.’
‘The supported individual seems to be very happy in her flat. She is well cared for, her staff try to provide her with a varied life - apart from the organisations she goes to or ' went'. Only one at present. These are different times - especially for Ark etc. and the staff are coping wonderfully. They are to be congratulated for doing so well.’

From professionals:

‘Ark are very supportive and are meeting the person’s needs. The service is excellent in providing updates in regard to the individual’


About the questionnaire

In 2019 we carried out a review of the survey format and of its process.  We listened to our customers and stakeholders’ comments and we reviewed the survey accordingly, making it shorter and more relevant to you.

The questions we ask in the survey are based on the Health and Social Care Standards, so that through your response we can identify if we are meeting these standards.

Feedback on the survey itself was positive:

92% of supported people, 93% of family members, 96% of professionals who took part said that they liked the format and the questions.

 ‘I found this format quite easy to answer’ - family member
‘We are very happy with the content of the survey. The questions cover all areas that could be of concern’  - family member
‘It’s nicely set out with bold writing. It covers all the relevant issues.’ - family member
‘It is easy to read and answer. I like the colours and pictures.’ - supported person
‘Questions are not difficult, they are easy to answer.’ - supported person


If you are interested in our housing service you can read the Tenants’ Report on our performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter, in 2019-2020.


We welcome your feedback at any time; please contact us.