Feedback Received

undefinedARK carries out regular surveys amongst our service users, tenants and stakeholders (such as family members) and we consistently receive excellent feedback.

The Survey Report 2017 (PDF, 870KB, opens in new window) is a summary of the feedback received through ARK annual questionnaire.

This is sent out to people who receive support, their families and professionals to ask them what they think about ARK’s services.

Here are some of the positive results for 2017:

  • 98% service users agree or strongly agree that they are happy with their care and support.
  • 95% service users agree or strongly agree that they are supported to take part in the community and to meet with others, in the way they prefer.
  • 94% service users agree or strongly agree that they feel secure and safe where they live.

Here's some of the specific feedback we received in the Survey Report 2017:

From people who get support:

"Everyone speaks and listen to me which makes it easier to me to go to ARK staff if I need"

"I have made my house the way I want it to be and have lots of space here"

From family members:

"My family member is involved with our input in giving feedback to make his service better"

"If my family member appears to be upset/unhappy, staff will try to determine the cause and rectify the situation. Any of my concerns are always treated appropriately"

From professionals:

"ARK staff I feel have worked hard with the two people I work with to represent their needs and advocate for them"

"This person is supported fully by ARK staff: emotionally, practically, socially and physically. Her independence is fully promoted"


You can read more feedback in our 2016-2017 Housing Report (PDF).

If you would like to add your own feedback please contact us.