Feedback Received

undefinedARK carries out regular surveys amongst our service users, tenants and stakeholders (such as family members) and we consistently receive excellent feedback.

The Survey Report 2015 (PDF, 1.2MB, opens in new window) is a summary of the feedback received through ARK annual questionnaire.

This is sent out to people who receive support, their families and professionals to ask them what they think about ARK’s services.

Here are some of the positive results for 2015, which are even higher than in 2014:

  • 99% feel they are supported to do the things they want to do in their life.
  • 98% feel they are supported to keep healthy and well. 
  • 95% feel they are supported if they don’t feel safe in their community.
  • 97% feel that they know how to tell ARK if they are happy or unhappy.

Here's some of the specific feedback we received in the Survey Report 2015:

From people who get support:

“They seem to care about me and are not just doing their job."

“They listen to me all the time."

“I make up my own support plan."

“I have complex healthcare needs and I trust ARK staff completely.”

“I took part in staff recruitment training, I really enjoyed it, learnt new skills and met new people.”

From family members:

“Excellent service provided, fantastic 1:1 support worker. We feel fully involved and supported as parents and ARK are very effective communicators.”

“Staff supports and encourages the person’s interactions and social skills on various activities in his local area."

From professionals:

“Extremely individualised approach to meeting the needs of each person and including them.”

“ARK are very much moving forward and inventive with ways of clients participating in their local community.”

Read the Survey Report 2015 (PDF, 1.2MB, opens in new window)

What people have said about ARK in previous years:

“ARK provides a great service, always reliable. Everything is always done properly. The support staff are excellent. They look after me really well and they genuinely care about me.

Social work make the final decision about the care plan but the ARK staff are good at putting forward suggestions regarding extra duties and time required to carry these out. They always speak up for me.”

Ann Turner – service user Peebles

“ARK has trained its employees to a high standard to deal with my clients' conditions. Excellent care planning. I value the level of communication that takes place between ARK and the CMHT for my clients benefit.”
Fiona Dyson, Community Nurse


“The team leaders always listen to the supported person and alerts me to any concerns. They know the supported person well and work hard to provide choices and opportunities both at home and in the community”.

Sandra Ramsay – social worker


“The carers come in 4 times a day. The service is excellent and I couldn't manage without them. I'm very happy with the support staff. They are friendly and helpful and I know that I can rely on them.

Social work has the final say - but input from ARK is always positive - and very welcome. I have complex health issues and ARK staff are always very alert to these and seek medical advice when necessary. When the care plan allows, and if there's time, they take me out in my wheelchair. I have also been on organized outings which I enjoyed very much.”

Alan Turner – service user in Peebles


“All of ARK’s staff are excellent. Ann and Allen are well looked after and it has been a great relief to the family to know that they are in reliable hands.”

Sheila Anderson – family member


 “Alastair is in an excellent home. The staff are fantastic, I am, very happy and my brother loves it there.”
Catherine O’Connor – family member


“I am happy the way things are at the moment, I am in contact with ARK on a regular basis and if there are any problems, they are brought up, spoken about, and a solution found.”

Mike Doyle – family member


“I am very happy with the fact I can go to the staff at any time and talk to them about anything to do with Lisa. I am extremely happy with everything that ARK Housing do. I get full support with everything to do with Lisa.”
Sheenagh Dishington – family member


“Catherine is a different person since she has had the care and personal attention at the care home. Great amount of freedom of movement around the home and garden. Catherine has never been so happy.”

F J. F. Gray – family member

 “Staff to date are extremely helpful in every matter. They have the client's best interests at heart! (The Management Team) is always caring and interested in clients’ welfare, they are to be congratulated for their hard work. I can relax knowing Philip's care is in safe hands.

The staff show patience, love and respect. It is much appreciated and they ought to be congratulated for all the effort they put in. Thank you!”

Esther Milton – family member

You can read more feedback in our 2016 Housing Report (PDF) and 2013 Annual Review (PDF).

If you would like to add your own feedback please contact us.