Participation Team

Our Tenant and Service User Participation Officer, Sue Tait, joined ARK in 2009.


This post was created to reflect ARK’s dedication to operating in a person-centred way at all levels of the organisation, as well as assisting tenants and service users in pursuing an active role in their own lives and in their community.

"If there is any issue, either in relation to the service you receive from ARK, or to any other matter, which you would like support with, please contact me, and I will try to help.”

Sue Tait, Participation Officer

Along with our assistant Participation Officer, Sue is here to:

  • Assist those who receive housing, support and care services to build their confidence and support them in speaking up about their service.
  • Enable tenants and service users to have a voice in what ARK is doing.
  • Enable tenants and service users to speak up in other forums and influence what affects them.
  • Effect change either in service delivery or their environment.
  • Ensure that all recipients of ARK services are aware of the Association’s Complaints policy.
  • Organise meetings, conferences and other groups for people to come together to discuss issues and ideas.
“Nothing about me without me.”

You can contact the Participation team here.