Meetings You Can Attend

undefinedLocal Speak Out Groups

Local Speak Out Groups are an opportunity to have your say in how your support service is doing—and how you can be involved in helping to make sure your support is very good.

You can talk about your services including your housing service.

Attending a Speak Out Group will help you to:

  • Get more confidence – you should get the chance to say what you want at the meetings. Make choices about what you do - You should be able to come to meetings if you want to.
  • Learn more skills – you should get the chance to learn new things at the meetings.
  • Have more information – ARK should make sure that you have all the information you need to make good choices.

You can read our newsletter for news about recent Speak Out Group meetings.

Tenants' Groups

See our Housing section for more information on Tenants' Groups.

The ARK Voices Group

The ARK Voices is an open forum for all service users who use ARK’s support.

This means that the members talk about things that are important to them.

Read the latest easy read ARK Voices updates.

The ARK Working Group

The ARK Working Group is a small group of people who get support or housing from ARK.

They meet every 2 months at the Priory in Edinburgh to talk about ARK Policies and Reports using the Scottish Government Keys to Life framework.

The group decide if there needs to be some changes in a policy or report. They look at how they would like the Policy made more accessible – an easy read, audio or video version.


You can read our newsletter for news about recent ARK Working Group meetings.


Get Involved!

You might want to ask your Team Leader about which meetings you can attend. They could help with starting a local Speak Out Group in your area, if there isn't one already.