Subsidiary Organisations


ARK Housing Association has one wholly controlled subsidiary, ARK Services Limited.undefined

ARK Services is a registered charity, governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and limited by guarantee. The most recent accounts for ARK Services are contained within the ARK Group Accounts, which can be accessed by clicking here

ARK Services Limited is a wholly controlled subsidiary of ARK Housing Association Limited and was set up to develop housing for those who are aged, infirm or disabled, and in need of housing and any associated amenities. 

The strategy of ARK Services is to access government capital funding that is not available to Housing Associations and to apply its expertise in building social housing with appropriate adaptations to meet specific needs. 

ARK Services works in partnership with local authorities, the Scottish Housing Regulator, banks, construction professionals, and other professionals involved in providing care and support services.

ARK Services Ltd can be contacted though its Secretary at ARK Housing Association, The Priory, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh EH10 4SG, Scotland, or by telephone on 0131 447 9027 or you can email us via our Contact Us page.