A Massive Thank You!

Temperatures are going up and the Priory has opened its doors again.

Telephones are ringing and everything looks to be back to normal, but something remarkable happened in the ARK services in the past days. Something that ARK staff members did around Scotland and that has not gone unobserved. Here is the message that Bobby Duffy - Head of Care & Support - wrote to thank our staff for their hard work during the severe weather conditions:


On behalf of the Executive Team and people we support, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has gone above and beyond over the last 3 days to ensure people we support are kept safe and well during this  extreme weather.  There have been so many stories over the last few days of staff and managers doing what it takes to continue to deliver services and that commitment is truly amazing so thank you.  Watching the news and seeing how care services continue to be provided makes me feel proud of being in social care, but more so proud of being part of the work you all do at ARK.

Thank you!



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