ARK News - Summer 2019

The Summer issue of our newsletter is finally here - thank you to all who contributed to it with their amazing stories and pictures.

On the cover and on page 4 of the Newsletter you will find an article from our Chief Executive Bobby Duffy who is planning a series of events to be held across the country in late August, early September to talk about the emerging priorities and find out from people what they think is important.

If you’re curious about our Organisational Groups have a look from page 6 to 9: the Voices Group, the Working Group and the Hub Group have been busy shaping and scrutinising ARK services.

See if you can spot any familiar faces in the news from local groups from page 12.

In the health and safety section we talk about our Smoke Free Policy review – have a read on page 22.

Interested in complaints? Go to page 23 to find out what we have learned from the complaints we received between January and March 2019.

Finally, there is lots of useful information on the ‘ARK News for tenants booklet.  


With this issue we have also sent out a very important survey.  For the first time in over 10 years, the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) is carrying out a survey for people with a learning disability to find out how people feel about their overall well-being, and understand some of the factors that impact on their lives.

The survey ‘How‘s life?’ will run until Monday 30th of September, with the findings due to be released next year. 

The survey findings will help to guide future evidence gathering and policy intervention.

We hope you can help spread the voice and support as many people in ARK to respond so that SCLD can form the fullest possible picture of their lives, and reach out to currently unheard voices.


Hope you enjoy this Newsletter!

If you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch with ARK Participation Officer gloria.greganti@arkha.org.uk

You can find the most recent issues of the newsletter in our archive.

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