ARK’s new Childcare Vouchers Scheme

The ARK Healthy Working Lives Group is happy to announce that ARK has partnered with Edenred, one of the UK’s largest providers of Childcare Vouchers, to offer a Childcare Voucher scheme to relevant employees.


  • Are you the parent or guardian of a child under 15 (or under 16 if they have a disability)?
  • Does your child attend any registered childcare service that you pay for (such as childminders, nursery, or after-school club)?


If so, ARK’s new Childcare Vouchers Scheme could be for you!


The potential benefit of Childcare Vouchers for you is that they are exempt from both National Insurance contributions and Tax, which means that you can purchase them before NI contributions and Tax are deducted from your salary, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds per year!


If you are interested in Childcare Vouchers you need to act NOW. This is because the government has decided to close the scheme to new joiners from the 4th October 2018, which would mean you would need to be in receipt of your first vouchers with your September pay at the latest. Once you have joined the scheme you will be able to claim Childcare Vouchers for as long as you are entitled to them!


If you would like more information in relation to ARK’s Childcare Vouchers scheme please do not hesitate to contact the Payroll team at 0131 478 8158 for further information.


We very much hope that this scheme will benefit as many ARK employees as possible.

Thank you for your time and support to make that happen.


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