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It’s time to review the Scottish Social Housing Charter - have your say!

It’s that time again. Every 5 years the Scottish Government looks at the Scottish Social Housing Charter and the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should achieve for their tenants.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter was introduced in April 2012 by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, and was revised in April 2017.

The Charter helps to improve the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide.

It also supports the Scottish Government's long-term aim of creating a safer and stronger Scotland.

It does so by:

  • Saying clearly what tenants and other customers can expect from social landlords, and helping them to hold landlords to account
  • Focusing the efforts of social landlords on achieving outcomes that matter to their customers
  • Providing the basis for the Scottish Housing Regulator to assess and report on how well landlords are performing.

The Charter has 7 sections covering: equalities; the customer/landlord relationship; housing quality and maintenance; neighbourhood and community; access to housing and support; getting good value from rents and service charges; and other customers.

It contains a total of 16 outcomes and standards that social landlords should aim to achieve.

Throughout June and July, TPAS and TIS are hosting a series of consultation events for tenants and landlords to find out whether the Charter needs changed in any way.

The events will last for 2 hours, places are limited! Book now! You can book into an event at a time that suits you – timetable below.

Consultation sessions are all online, both TPAS and TIS can help you get on-line.

To book a TPAS event call 0141 552 3633 or email enquiries@tpasscotland.org.uk

To book a TIS event call: 0141 248 1242 or email info@tis.org.uk

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