Our Power ceases to trade

Ofgem has announced today that energy supplier Our Power, has ceased to trade.

Ofgem said that, under its safety net, the energy supply of Our Power’s customers will continue and pre-payment meters can be topped up as normal. The outstanding credit balances of domestic customers will be protected.

Ofgem will choose a new supplier to take on Our Power’s customers as quickly as possible. This supplier will contact these customers shortly after being appointed.
Ofgem’s advice to Our Power’s customers in the meantime is:

  • Do not switch to another energy supplier.
  • Take a meter reading ready for when your new supplier contacts you.
  • This will make the process of transferring customers over to the chosen supplier, and paying back their outstanding credit balances, as smooth as possible.

Updates are available from Ofgem’s website or through its twitter feed @ofgem. You can also get in touch  through Ofgem’s facebook.


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