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Scottish Housing Day 2021: Housing and the climate emergency              

We are happy to be supporting the SFHA’s Scottish Housing Day today 15 September 2021. 

This year as the world’s attention will be on Glasgow for the UN’s climate conference COP26 in November, the focus is on housing and the climate emergency.

We were delighted to be able to do lots of activities for this year’s theme.

As we shared in a previous article we planted trees in our development in Inverurie, Abeerdenshire, following a request from our tenants who want to create a beautiful and accessible sensory space in their garden. We very much support this idea and wanted to help them get started in their project.

Ark Officer digging hole in the Inverurie garden

Our asset management team was also busy with rewilding an area in our development in Peebles, Scottish Borders. An area of the garden has now been marked and wildflower seeds planted. It won’t take too long for them to start growing, looking colourful and attracting bees and other pollinators which are really important for the environment.

We have also encouraged our people to think about the role that they and their homes play in tackling the climate emergency. The response has been great, from some of our services taking part in an Eco Challenge to tenants and staff giving us their tips and powerful statements.

In particular we would like to congratulate Speak Out Worker Laura who was able to organise a whole week of litter picking events in Forfar, involving staff, tenants, supported people and the whole community. What an amazing achievement for someone who just started in her Speak Out role!

Laura said: ‘I’m so happy with how well everyone did! They pulled together as a group helping each other, they had a blast and would like to make it a regular thing!’

group photo of all volunteers involved in the litter picking

On Friday 10th the Ark Voices group members met on Zoom to share tips on how to help the environment. From recycling household waste to planting wildflowers for the bees, everyone showed great knowledge and commitment to tackle the climate emergency.

photo of Zoom meeting


We also asked our staff to share their thoughts with us.


Ark Chief Executive Officer Bobby Duffy said:

I’m helping to tackle the climate emergency by…educating myself on the small things I can do to reduce my own carbon footprint, using the car less, recycling everything that I can, using more energy efficient domestic appliances, buying goods that have been produced in a greener way, I have an energy supplier who uses green energy sources, I try to use less energy at home and I am gradually making my home more energy efficient.’
‘It’s important to tackle the climate emergency because… time is running out! Governments across the world must create a climate emergency strategy that every country can sign up to that will make a meaningful impact on reducing the impact of the climate emergency. ‘


Debbie Munro, Ark Housing Officer said:

‘I’m helping to tackle the climate emergency by….. recycling as much household waste as possible’
‘It’s important to tackle the climate emergency because….. it is our responsibility as humans, we are the ones who can make positive changes’.


Brian Gunn, Health & Safety Advisor said:

‘I’m helping to tackle the climate emergency by… using a low emission vehicle and limiting use & re using of plastics’.
‘It’s important to tackle the climate emergency because… we can already see the effects of climate change in recent months with floods, fires, extreme temperatures that will cause problems for this and future generations’.


Stuart Green, Head of Finance said:

‘I’m helping to tackle the climate emergency by… buying less stuff (typical finance approach!)’
‘It’s important to tackle the climate emergency because… there is no planet B’


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