Voices Group update- December 2017

Lynnette and Brid from the National Involvement Network (the NIN) joined the group to talk about the Charter for Involvement.

 We worked in small groups to look at which parts of the Charter are working well in ARK and what could be better, and we discussed our answers with Lynnette and Brid.

 What is working well

  • The group felt that there were lots of things that ARK does to make sure people are involved in their support:

o   Key Chats

o   Speak Out groups

o   Good Life Plans

o   Reviews

o   Training and recruiting staff

  • We also heard about different ways that people are involved in their communities e.g. by volunteering and attending clubs


What could be better

  • The group felt that it would be a good idea for more people at ARK to know about the Charter
  • Some people said they would like to be more involved with recruiting new staff at ARK

The NIN will take our ideas and use them as part of their evaluation of the Charter for Involvement. They will also give us some more leaflets about the Charter to share with Speak Out groups.


During the meeting we also enjoyed a special Christmas-themed lunch and listened to some Christmas music. We even had some members come along in their amazing festive jumpers.

You can read the Voices Group update from December 2017 here.

If you have any questions, contact Tenant and Service User Participation Officer Serena Sias.



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