Speak Out!

If you use Ark's services, we want to hear from you!

Your voice is important.

Having the confidence to speak up and say what you think is an important part of being a citizen.

You can gain confidence by ‘doing’ or ‘taking action’ when something is happening in your community and you want to do something about it. This is what we mean by 'participation'.

  • Find out more about Citizenship and Participation.
  • Find out more about making a suggestion or complaint.
  • To keep in touch with Ark and have your say about our services, you can:

  • Call us on 0131 447 9027
  • Write to us at The Priory, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4SG
  • Contact us
  • Read our latest newsletter
  • There are meetings you can attend - including Speak Out Meetings, Ark Voices Group and the Ark Working Group. Find out more about each group below
  • Connect with us on social media - check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Speak Out

If you are supported by Ark, you can meet with others who use the same local service in a Speak Out group. 

One of the support workers at your service will also act as the Speak Out worker to help organise the group. 

If you are a supported person who would like to go to a Speak Out group - please speak to your local Care & Support Manager.

If you are an Ark worker who would like to be a Speak Out worker - please contact the Participation Officer at the Priory. 

Voices Group

The Voices group is an opportunity to get together with other Speak Out groups across the country. 

The group meets regularly online and in-person in Edinburgh at our Head Office. 

People discuss issues that matter to them, share good stories, and problem-solve together. 

Lunch and travel expenses are provided at our in-person meeting. 

Please get in touch with our Participation Officer or your local Care & Support Manager if you are interested in coming along.

Ark Working Group

The Working Group is a scrutiny group. This means it checks on the way Ark works with people. 

The Working Group checks our policies and procedures to make sure they respect your rights. 

We are changing the way the Working Group works to make sure as many people as possible can be part of this. Check back here for updates when we are ready to launch!