Ark Employee Forum

Date Posted: 19/05/2022 Author: Victoria Knox

As part of our key people aims within the Business Plan, we are delighted to announce that we have formally launched Ark’s Employee Forum!


It is essential for us to work in partnership with our people to understand how we can improve the working experience, particularly following the last, and very difficult, 2 years. The Employee Forum is a key part of this with the aim to improve engagement and communications to ensure that our teams are part of decision making processes and shaping the future of the organisation. 


The journey began when we held our first employee conference “Making Connections” where we asked our employees and a range of stakeholders what was important to them in their relationship with Ark. The output from this was then fed in to the Business Plan and helped re-shape Ark’s Mission, Vision and Values.


The next evolution in creating a culture of collaboration and partnership working with our teams is the launch of the Employee Forum where we will reinforce the commitment to employee engagement by providing our people with a platform to share, communicate, provide feedback and input on everything that is important in the employment journey. We want to ensure that voices are heard!


We have had applications and have filled the 8 employee forum positions which range across all roles, functions and areas and the first meeting will go ahead on the 31st May 2022. At the first get together we will focus on getting to know each other, agreeing how we will work together, draft our first agenda and most importantly – what the group want to be known as.


We are very much looking forward to taking this new way of working forward and are extremely grateful to those of you who have committed to become the voice of your colleagues and work to improve employment experiences. Forum members are:

Beth Soutar       


Ann Marie McLeary


Shaun Sievwright


Nicola McGarvey             


Lynne Middleton


Allison Hunt       


Matt Harris        


Beatrice Buchanan          

Learning & Development


Keep an eye out for further updates from the Forum, exciting times ahead!


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