Governance Policies and Procedures

G01 - Board Members Code of Governance Policy

G02 - Board Members Code of Conduct Policy

G03 - Staff Members Code of Conduct Policy

G04 - Membership of the Association Policy

G05 - Recruitment of Board Members Policy

G06 - Standing Orders Policy

G07 - Board Members' Training and Development Policy

G08 - Risk Management Policy

G09 - Business Continuity Policy

G10 - Ethics Policy

G11 - Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Policy

G12 - Complaints Policy

G12a - Complaints Procedure

G13 - Openness and Confidentiality Policy

G14 - Sustainability & Environmental Policy

G15 - Computer System, Security, Email and Internet Policy

G15a - ICT Systems Security Procedure

G15b - IT Security Monitoring & Patching Procedure

G16 - Signing and Witnessing of Documents Policy

G18 - Insurances Policy

G19 - Quality Assurance Policy

G20 - Fraud Policy

G20a - Fraud Procedure

G24 - Data Protection Policy

G24c - Retention of Documents Procedure

G32 - Unacceptable Actions Policy

G33 - Regulatory Standards Compliance Self Assessment Policy

G34 - Equality Policy

G35 - FOI and EIR Policy

G36 - Keeping People Safe Policy

G41 - Election of Office Bearers Procedure

G42 - Board Members' Training Procedure

G43 - Board Members' Expenses Procedure

G44 - Business Continuity Procedure

G48 - Data Protection Procedure

G49 - Policies and Procedures - Drafting, Approving, Filing and Reviewing

G50 - Notifiable Events Procedure

G51 - Insurance Claims Procedure 

G52 - Business Case Approval Procedure

G54 - Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Procedure

G55 - Equality & Diversity Procedure

G57a - Adult Support & Protection Procedure

G57b - Child Protection Procedure

G57c - Professional Boundaries Procedure